All information submitted on Champs Elysees Cosmetics’ highly secure site is retained for the sole use of Champs Elysees Cosmetics. Credit Card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and email address are safely and securely stored and are used only for customer service purposes. Champs Elysees’ customers can rest assured that all information submitted on our site is stored on highly secure and cutting edge technology equipment. The location of such equipment is also highly secured and can never be accessed by non-authorized personnel. Champs Elysees Cosmetics' guarantees the highest security for all transactions. When ordering products on Champs Elysees’ website, you will be able to see the “http” change to “https”, and the “s” stands for Secure. All data submitted will be encrypted and therefore impossible to be viewed or accessed by any other party than yourself and Champs Elysees Cosmetics.




Your privacy is Champs Elysees’ top priority. At Champs Elysees Cosmetics, our clients’ privacy is guarded with our own. We want all our clients to enjoy their shopping experience without having to worry about their privacy or the privacy of their loved ones. Champs Elysees Cosmetics is committed to keep all information submitted through its site, confidential and secure at all times. It is Champs Elysees’ policy to never sell, loan, or provide its clients information to any third party other than what is necessary to fulfill its Clients’ orders (credit card company as an example). When shopping on Champs Elysees Cosmetics’ website, know that any and all transactions you may perform will remain totally confidential. Also, Champs Elysees Cosmetics uses clients’ e-mail addresses and phone numbers with the sole purpose to assist with the ordering process. Finally, Champs Elysees Cosmetics reserves the right to occasionally send email to its clients in order to inform them of sales promotions and newly introduced products.

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